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5D Cinema Maxim

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Discover cinema in a different way! 5D Cinema Maxim

5D Cinema Maxim screening works on the principle of a first class 3D picture seen through the 3D active glasses, comfortable seats moving almost in all directions, the sound of the highest quality and added effects such as the wind, water vapor when going around a waterfall or a soft tickling on the feet, imitating flying dragonflies.

From an offer of more than 22 films of adventure, fantasy, thriller or horror genre, it is possible for everyone to choose their favourite. For children, there are crazy rat races or pirate Blackbeard aquapark, yougsters seeking adrenaline can experience a roller coaster adventure going through a planet in a distant galaxy, participate in a a furious race on a prisoner island or feel the fear in the subway full of raging zombies. The calmer ones can experience the 5D adventure in the ocean odyssey and much more. Become a part of the film, plunge yourself headlong into the abyss, cut corners like a real racer or fly upwards into the heaven. Let yourself have fun and be terrified at the same time.

First-class animations have a length of 5-6 minutes and you choose the particular film on spot, without the need of reservation. To create an amazing world of illusion and ensuring your maximum comfort, the halls only have four seats. 5D Cinema Maxim can be found in selected shopping centres and other locations. Opening hours are customized according to the shopping centre opening hours.  


Vychutnejte si jedinečný filmový zážitek! 

Cinema City Nová Karolína je nejnovějším multiplexem Cinema City v České republice. 

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